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Tomatis method in Toronto
Tomatis method in Toronto
Ninety percent (90%) of the sensory messages that stimulate our brain, including movement and touch, involve the ear! The ear thus acts as a sensory integration system. The corrective action of the TOMATIS Method acts simultaneously on the three core functions of the ear: balance, energy and hearing.

Balance depends on the vestibule, the part of the inner ear that informs the brain of the slightest body movement. The ear is therefore involved in controlling posture and maintaining balance. Through its action on the vestibule, the TOMATIS Method allows the body to regain verticality by repositioning the skeleton. Indeed, under the sustained effect of listening sessions, the consistency of the messages sent to the brain via the vestibule of both the right and left ears is harmonized. As a result, motor responses are noticeably less chaotic, and become more fluid and better organized. One can easily understand the beneficial effect on motor disorders. Moreover, the vestibule plays a fundamental role in integrating the rhythms of both music and language due to its intricate network of connections to the brain.

The human ear ensures a function of “cortical energizing”. The ear needs to be stimulated to energize the brain and the body. Sound is necessary for our personal fulfilment. The richer music is in high frequency harmonics, the more efficient its effect. Sounds that are rich in high frequency harmonics stimulate a vast neural network, called the “reticular formation”, which controls the overall activity level of the brain. That’s why we mainly use Mozart violin concertos, with well-known beneficial effects. We also use Gregorian chant whose particular rhythm has a proven soothing effect.

When hearing is disturbed, this creates not only problems of discrimination, spatialization and auditory lateralization, but also a loss of the ability to isolate an auditory message from surrounding noise. In this situation, the subject finds herself exposed to a mass of information that she receives with varying degrees of distortion. Understanding messages then require substantial efforts, causing errors, ever increasing fatigue, irritability and, finally withdrawal. Then the environment is experienced as problematic. In these circumstances attention and memory suffer.

The pedagogical tool of the TOMATIS Method is a device called the Electronic Ear. The Electronic Ear exercises the muscles of the middle ear to restore the middle ear’s ability to activate listening mechanisms that the brain has in place. In addition, the Electronic Ear focuses the brain’s attention on the auditory message. Progressively, the ear learns or re-learns to listen. Literally, we say the ear “starts listening”.

Tomatis method in Toronto

  • An electronic gate makes it possible to alternate between two ways of perceiving the same auditory message
    In concrete and very simplified terms, the Electronic Ear triggers the stapedial reflex. This reflex causes the contraction of the auditory muscles. It is activated by the sudden switch from a low frequency signal that requires no effort of adaptation or accommodation from the ear, to a high frequency signal that requires a major effort of accommodation from the ear. This back-and-forth movement between tension and relaxation in the muscles of the ear is rendered possible due to the electronic gate, a device capable of alternating between two states of perception for the same auditory message. This activity can be compared to a gymnastic exercise, which, through repeated use and progressive mobilization of the ear, optimizes the transmission of the message to the brain.
  • A delayed transmission of sound
    The auditory message is transmitted to the brain through air and bone conduction in special headphones that are equipped with earphones and a vibrator. The Electronic Ear is designed to be able to program a delay between the sound transmitted via air and the sound transmitted via bone. Because of this delay, called precession, the brain analyzes the message twice. After sustained auditory stimulation, the brain naturally takes over the function of anticipation performed by the machine. The Electronic Ear has many other features designed to utilize technological innovations and respond to the latest scientific research.
All practitioners of the TOMATIS Method undergo initial and continued training. Furthermore, they commit to upholding a code of conduct and ethics. Finally, they are supervised and assisted by experienced trainers. We draw your attention to the fact that only individuals certified by the company TOMATIS Development SA are entitled to practice the TOMATIS Method.

Tomatis method in Toronto

The TOMATIS® Method is an Educational Program, and is considered neither a medical treatment nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis. The content in this website is for informational purposes only. It should be neither considered as nor substituted for medical advice.

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